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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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^Maybe, but you don't call someone a dickhead in public and then expect to ever work for them again. Unless the caller and the callee both know it's just a joke with no undertones of seriousness, which is exactly what this was. You're the one who implied that Cumberbatch was somehow actually thinking this, which is of course completely wrong.
By "you're" I guess you mean me. Really? Do you also believe I wrote the article just to comment on it here? The thought you assign to me came from the article.

If Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t such a good sport about Abrams’ comments, you could almost read his above quote as being visibly pissed at the 47-year-old director.
Shall we begin parsing the article that parsed Cumberbatch?
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