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Re: Did You Like Seven Of Nine?

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How do you crash land safely?
That does sound strange. I just mean a crash where Voyager is pretty banged up, but nobody gets killed or seriously maimed. Like in Generations.
The planet itself got seriously maimed. And so did Deanna's driving record. I can't imagine how many demerits she earned with that landing...

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When I said it was unrealistic, I just meant that it came out of the blue. I was even shocked in Human Error when Seven creates a holo-Chakotay boyfriend. First of all, we never saw any hint whatsoever of Seven liking Chakotay (I'm not talking about flirting, but something as simple as her giving him a longing look when he isn't looking). Second of all, seeing as this episode was in the second half of Season 7 it seemed like something they just made up this relationship in an attempt to aid the emotional impact of the finale where future Seven and her lover Chakotay are dead!! Third of all, it just felt wrong! Not that I care about Chakotay's love life or anything (boring!), but it seems like if he should be with anyone of the crew members then it should have been with Janeway or B'Elanna.
Janeway would be the only reasonable alternative. He's more like a big brother to B'Elanna.

That said, there's an author called scifiromance on who has been experimenting with different ways to make a C/7 relationship work. She's written some very long stories (one of them is over 80 chapters and still going strong), and they've certainly held my interest.
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