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Re: Joel Revisits TOS....

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I hate to agree with 2takes but I'm thinking maybe he's right about Whitney elevating the writing of Rand. Her role seemed to be to have a crush on the handsome captain and to be saved by him or Spock in various episodes. I liked the way she handled Creman Green in Man Trap and even imploring Spock (in vain) to save her from amorous crewmen in Naked Time showed she wasn't just some some damsel in distress. And even giving Spock the evil eye at the end of Naked Time.

All the good work with the women characters seemed to be spoiled by their embarrassing crushes or by saying I'm frightened or holding onto Kirk in stressful situations, or having to be saved by 'men'.

In nuTrek, Uhura and Carol actually contributed to the solution of the problems as much as they could. Not relying on the men to save them.
I think NuTrek tries to treat all the principal supporting characters equally, whether male or female, which is a good thing, although there are a few missteps in there, largely unrelated to gender. Outside of the principal characters though, their approach to women in general is pretty lamentable.

Back to TOS, Carolyn Palamis was up in today's episode on CBS and boy was she a stinker, following in the footsteps of Marla McGivers, although at least Marla was clearly intended to be a very flawed individual. Even the sharp-tongued Mulhall spent most of her episode possessed by a much more feminine character, obsessed about her good looks.

But Joel has all this fun to come!

I still miss Rand though. If I had the digital skill, I'd clone Grace's head onto every blonde red-skirt that pops onto the bridge in seasons 2 and 3. Her line was edited out of Conscience of the King but she still manages to make a very noticeable entrance.
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