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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Dude, she shot Alisha in the head! It's not much a leap at all.
In "self defense/defense of others" in a wartime/battle situation. Still very different than killing two peers while they sleep.

I don't know. Depending on how long the show continues, they're going to loose the baby one way or another and I can't see them killing her on-screen. It may well be a red herring though since this is more or less when the baby died in the comics and they might play with that expectations.
Eh, seems like there's a lot of diversions in the series over what happened in the comics. The series has been mostly using the comics as a general "idea" more than anything else. Characters have been added, characters have been lost sooner than they were in the comic (Dale, Andrea, Lori) certain plot threads have been different.

For example, IIRC in the comic they were at the camp outside Atlanta for several months before deciding to leave which is when Rick killed Shane, the group found their way to a farm, got kicked off the farm by Hershel and then found their way to a gated neighborhood and eventually the prison.

Lori in the comic survives until the fall of the prison and, I believe, Woodbury never fell until the end of the prison arc. So there's numerous differences. I don't think the comics can be too much of a tried and true guide for what's going to happen other than a very rough outline.

On Judith's age. Keep in mind the show has been on for 3 and half seasons now and only about a year and half has passed since Rick woke-up from the coma. (Using Lori's pregnancy and Judith's apparent age as a guide.) So it's possible the rest of the series could still take place while using infant and toddler actors for Judith. Although some explaining will have to be done on why Carl is suffering from a hyper-aging disease.

Though story-tellingwise the baby is a "liability" as you'll always need to have "something" happen/shown to remind the audience she is there. It was easy when things were held in the prison when we could assume someone was watching her or that she was relatively safe. But back out in the wild? She's a story-telling liability as you can't just have her not-on-screen without explaining who has her and why she's safe (or not safe.)

I suspect sooner or later the comic's story will catch up to Judith and she'll be offed, right now I suspect she's alive and safe. With who? I'm not sure. I'm almost inclined to go with Michonne given the "connection" she and Judith had earlier this season with Michonne obviously suffering from Lost-Baby Syndrome.
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