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Re: This is my worst Thanksgiving..

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^You're doing the right thing. The driver and the company that pays him need to be held responsible and prevented from endangering the public. I wish you the best of luck.
I've seen a company send out tractors with two trailers out in a winter storm with the roads closing. One more reason to oppose tort reform.

This company which I will not name is an LLC--a limited liability company. The actual company owner has the drivers instructed they do not work for his direct company--but for this shell company of a different name--the LLC itself.

It is a way to hide assets from lawsuits, to force poor people like you to sue nearly broke lawsuit shells--or the poor driver.

This makes us all less safe, in that with the LLC shield, the actual owner thinks he can get away with having cheapo equipment and substandard drivers they don't have to pay as much.

These LLCs put us all at risk.

The arguement has got to be that the very act of forming an LLC to get away with drunks driving junk is itself negligence.
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