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Re: 10 Reasons to Love Rom

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Who, to a Ferengi, should look absolutely hideous.
Who says? Did you never find a single Trek Alien attractive?
Sure, the ones that look like humans with the more comely features of humans exaggerated.

Yeah, reminds me of this skit they did on SNL a few years back. It was 'Beauty and the Beast', they're dancing and singing the song, then suddenly the beast says:

"Although Belle, I don't think you should be so hard on yourself."
Belle "What do you mean?"
Beast "Calling yourself a beast like that. You're not that bad."
Belle "Excuse me? I was saying 'Beauty and the Beast'."
Beast "Right, beauty (points to self), and the beast! (points to Belle)"

Although for Ferengi I can imagine being attracted to females of all races because they judge females based on the value of the acquisition, and not as much based on physical features. Leeta, to Rom's hormones, is a very valuable acquisition. (Even if his brain likes her for her personality)

Rom was 'Bumbling' when it came to his interactions with other people.
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