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Re: This is my worst Thanksgiving..

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Alright, got back yesterday, was too physically and emotionally drained to get online last night..

XXXXXXX was driving a 1999 Ford F-250 with an oil pipe trailer attached to the back and was turning north into a private road, the spokeswoman said. As he was pulling in, he backed up, the trailer broke loose causing the trailer to block both lanes of Highway 176, the spokeswoman said.

At that time, Ryan Ladson Geddings was driving in a 2009 Ford Escape east on Highway 176 when he collided with the trailer, and then collided with two westbound vehicles, the spokeswoman said. Geddings, 24, of Andrews, was pronounced dead at the scene by Andrews Justice of the Peace Neri Flores, the spokeswoman said.
Geddings’ passenger, 21-year-old Erica Olson, was transported to Permian Region Medical Center with injuries not considered life-threatening, the spokeswoman said. Both Geddings and Olson were reported as wearing their seatbelts. No other injuries were reported.
This accident appears to be negligent in origin..basic safety equipment (chains, reflectors) on the trailer he hit were not used or even installed, the driver had a suspended license, and many more problems with the driver including multiple warrants..and the oil company who hired him has several violations of safety regulations on the books, therefore the District Attorney for Andrews County is to make a decision on weather to charge the driver with manslaughter and fine the company for negligence..

I'm in discussions with an attorney as to a civil course of action.

Believe me, I'm not sue happy..I just feel that the driver needs to be eliminated as a source of danger, and the company needs to be punished in a major way so that oil companies in the area will start to take safety equipment seriously

The funeral was the hardest thing I ever had to go through, but this probably wont end for years as the legal system can move slowly..

So that's how it is so far.. nothing good can or will come from this, but it has to be done..
Fingers crossed you're successful and the DA's prosecution results in a conviction so you can honour your son's memory by helping prevent another family going through what you're experienced.
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