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Greg, you may be on to something there. Maybe alienating/isolating Lucy is the first step in employing her as a pawn. I guess maybe she sees Mina as competition for Grayson and wants to turn Lucy against Mina and get her to hurt her somehow, maybe.

As for what DracuGray's up to with Harker, I assume he wanted to maneuver him into a position where he'd be discredited and humiliated, thus ruining him as a marriage prospect and leaving Mina bereft and vulnerable, whereupon "Grayson" can swoop in and comfort her, and she won't suspect him because he was so clearly in Harker's court all along. Maybe he even plans to stage Harker's suicide and is disgracing him to provide a motive.

I'm wondering if that vampire rat is going to show up again...
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