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Re: Dracula - NBC

Last night's episode was all about "move, countermove, guile, and deceit." There are so many plots going on, I'm not sure who's playing whom.

Take Harker. Davenport is playing him, and now it turns out that Dracula is playing him, too. Davenport's endgame, as we learned last week, is to recruit Harker into the Order, presumably as a spy on Grayson's interests, but what's Dracula's endgame with Harker?

Then there's Lady Jayne's games with Lucy. Is she trying to seduce Lucy? If she wanted to drive a wedge between Lucy and Mina she certainly succeeded? But I can't help but think this is part of her game with Dracula.

And, of course, Dracula pulls off his biggest game yet -- walking in daylight. If that doesn't alleviate Browning's suspicions for a few weeks I'll be surprised.

There's only four episodes left at this point, and the pieces are being positioned for the endgame. Only I have no idea what that endgame is.
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