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Star Trek: Gemini

“Crew of the USS Gemini, we are going into harm’s way, but she is one of us and we don’t leave our own behind. All hands, battle stations.”

“Captain, we’ve lost the starboard nacelle, main power is down and the hull is buckling, what are your orders? “

“We hold.”

Star Trek: Gemini

The crew of the USS Gemini, Intrepid class, are exploring worlds of the unknown, meeting races never heard of by human ear. Exploring the vastness of space and telling stories together in the greatest tradition of Star Trek.

Join the crew,

Experience the Excitement,

Create the adventure.

Right now there are spots all throughout of the ship waiting for you to experience your first best destiny.

USS Gemini

Become the hero, realize the dream.

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Captain Michael McConnell
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