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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

HI. My name's Mike.I watched TNG growing up and throught the Borg were cool. I never watched one epsiode of Voyager while it was actually on air. I've been watching it on spike tv lately, and felt compelled to join a message board after watching "Child's Play." The borg children, and Icheb in particular, are the coolest plot twist in a Star Trek series I can think of. I've also seen that people say that the Borg were castrated in Voyager. Granted, Voyager does seem to consistently make out well in their confrontations, but as a narrative strategy and storyline, the Borg are absolutely horrifying. I've never been disturbed by an episode of Star Trek, until I saw the episode where Seven-of-Nine is forced by the Queen to partake in the assimilation of a planet. It was powerful and engaging, and almost Stephen King like, with its mixtyure of horror and sci fi. Thank you.
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