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Thanks for the "tour", Maurice

But harmless compared to this one?

It never ceases to amaze me, that VFX guys - probably living in the same state - can get it so wrong when depicting a very well known and documented landmark.

ILM guys did that TUC shot, because MATTE WORLD didn't have enough time. That was live-action water and bridge, with the left part of the frame a miniature, rather than a matte painting. Part of the problem is that it was supposed to be a night scene, but then after it was done, Paramount wanted it brighter or closer to dawn, which kind of made the thing implode.
That ST VI bridge shot is a disaster. Look at the hillside as it passes behind the cable just to the left of the far bridge tower. Notice anything utterly effed up?

Also, WTH is up with that landscape behind the bridge? I guess "the big one" was strong enough to create an entire new hill but not strong enough to knock down the bridge. Riiiiight.
The layout of the Starfleet buildings and or the city itself seems to change with pretty much every appearance:

It's a mess in the JJ'verse movies too, they move famous landmark buildings around at will so they're in the shot they want to use.

And along the lines of the VFX guys knowing better: what's really sad is that ILM was across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael for years and these days is literally now in the city of San Francisco itself at The Presidio.

But you know it's all about what the client wants, even if the artists know better...
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