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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I find that extremely reductive. "First Contact" from TNG looks nothing like "The Apple" in TOS. Yes, they are exploring planets that have other lifeforms like us on it. But there's a host of episodes, to be as equally reductive, where they have to learn to communicate with something that doesn't have a mouth and bumpy foreheads. They just aren't talked about like the Borg episodes.

Voyager, by the end of its run, had done nothing to further the Maquis, got rid of Kes, neutered Neelix, had become a host of guest star appearances (Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, John De lancie, and Dwight Schultz) from TNG (esp. Sirtis and Schultz), and every two-parter, most especially the series finale, included the Borg. It didn't stand on its own two feet. It tried for 2 seasons and then mailed it in as a continuation of TNG, a bad season of TNG. That's bankrupt.

DS9, by the end of its run, had added layers to the Cardassians, Bajorans, Trills, and Klingons. They did whole character pieces about each of their characters and how they act in their society. They had a host of guest stars that were added during the run of the show, and only Marc Alamo had been a guest on TNG, although as a different character (but same race). The central themes were consistent throughout the show. They added the Dominion to the Star Trek vernacular. It was creative. That's what I want. And they managed to be creative in adding familiar elements. They abandoned the type of guest appearances that ruined Voyager (Q-Less comes to mind).

I figured the definition might need an example.
Yeah, DS9 was so creative that it imported a TNG character who had already turned TNG into a Klingon soap opera. DS9 was already bad enough with Smug, Perfect Jadzia Who Knows Everybody And Has Done Everything, but adding Worf to that... just made it worse, in my opinion. I was honestly dreading the day when they'd find a way to get Worf onto Voyager.
I know it's two different people, but complaining that TNG was a "soap opera" while complaining "nothing matters because they warped away" is being attacked from both sides.

I addressed Worf, although indirectly. Because you have to trash previous Star Trek to prove this was needed while seeing the world in black-and-white terms to not see the distinction. Why were you a fan of Star Trek? Did you start with '09?
I'm not sure who you were addressing here...

I just didn't really care much for Worf and was annoyed when he pretty much took over huge amounts of time from other characters. I thought he was more interesting in the first season when we learned things about him gradually, rather than having episode after episode be about Worf's family, Worf's dishonor, Klingon homeworld politics, Picard's involvement, etc. and so on. I get that there are people who really enjoyed these aspects of TNG; I just happen to have enjoyed different things about the series.

I became a Star Trek fan in 1975, at age 12. As to why... well, things would have turned out much differently if my grandfather had let me change the channel that night. He wouldn't, and basically told me to either shut up or leave the room because he wanted to see what this "Star Trek" show was about (it was his first time watching it, too). So I watched it, enjoyed it, and noticed it was on 5 days a week on two different channels. I decided to see if other episodes were as entertaining, and two weeks later had to admit I was hooked (especially after discovering the Blish books).

I wasn't really into science fiction before Star Trek. I was into science, but preferred to read mysteries. Nowadays, the vast majority of the books I own are science fiction and the only mysteries I read are the Roman historical ones by Lindsay Davis (the Didius Falco series). I started reading science fiction soon after getting into Star Trek, and discovered I'd been missing some really good stuff - Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein, and so many others.

It's hard to put it all into words in just a single forum post. The reasons I liked it then are not exactly the same reasons I like it now, 38 years later.

BTW, I just realized... today is the 38th anniversary of the first time I ever bought the Blish books - Star Trek 4 and 6, at Woolco.

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I was seven when STAR TREK debuted in 1966. And, yes, the Salt Vampire scared the heck out of me!
I have a filk tape that has a song about the Salt Vampire. It's actually a really beautiful song that had me feeling sorry for the Salt Vampire.
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