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Yoshi Baldwin
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Got what it takes? Looking for a new challenge? Tired of the same old same old story being written over and over? If you answered yes to those questions then you come to the right place. The Shadow a Sovereign-class Starship apart of the Ninth Fleet wants you to write with a very active crew and write knew stories that have not been written before. Something brand new to be written, explored and discovered. The Year is 2389 two years after the Hobus supernova destroyed the Romulan's homeworlds.

The USS Shadow is on a mission to figure out what went wrong that faithful day when the Hobus Star went Supernova and destroyed the Romulan worlds. Destroying lives, but before the supernova hit the crew's of several ships including Starbase Bravo saved 40,000 lives of the Romulan people. The Federation turned their back on them condemning them to die. The ones that didn't listen to there orders went and rescued them now they are living on a new world in the Raeyan System. A planet called Mandukar (Romukan refugee world).

Starbase Bravo, USS Fearless, USS Shadow and a few other ships have withdrawn from the Federation and now are apart of the Raeyan Alliance that was forumed to do good and hopefully get things back to the way they were. Federation has gone mad and Captain Yoshi Baldwin of the Shadow as well as the other ones involved didn't want to be apart of there madness anymore.

Now, that they are renagades from the Federation, there is trouble waiting around every corner. New adventures to be written, created, brought to life. Then the USS Shadow is the place for you.

Positions Available

Chief Positions

Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Marine CO

If your not really wanting to join as a Chief position we do have alot of Assistant Chief Positions available.

Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Marine XO
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

If your interested in joining the crew of the USS Shadow please send me an email at check out my site
Captain Yoshi Baldwin
Commanding Officer
USS Shadow, TF95
Ninth Fleet
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