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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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It looked good in a lot of the shots, but in that particular slow-motion sequence where Spidey was swinging past those columns and Electro's bolts were destroying them, it just looked totally artificial. The energy effects looked nothing like real electric discharges, the columns looked like a video-game environment, and the whole thing was just too stylized and overdone.
I would tend to agree.

Also, judging from other forums, the effects looking like a video game has become the consensus. The film isn't due out until May, so I hope those effects aren't final.

As for the trailer itself, I thought it was okay. To be honest, it didn't excite me, but it didn't make the film look bad, either. It does look better than The Amazing Spider-Man for what it is worth. I like the brighter color palatte, the new Spider-Man outfit, and the action looks fun.

Of course, as someone who didn't love the first movie, I'll probably be lukewarm about the film until I see it. So I guess I'll remain cautiously optimistic for the time being.
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