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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Why were you a fan of Star Trek?
Why am I a fan of Star Trek is an interesting question (though not pointed at me, I figure I'm allowed to answer)? I am a fan of Star Trek because it use to be fun to watch before the TNG gang started to believe they were self-important and changing the world. Which bled into the rest of the spin-offs and the TNG movies.

Star Trek is entertainment. I watch it to be entertained. Abrams brought much of the fun back to the franchise. Do I still wish I got way out, weird stuff like Greek gods trying to capture the Enterprise? Sure. But I also know that modern audiences may not be as appreciative of such an approach.
Of course you can answer! The more the merrier!

I agree, Star Trek is entertainment. I can read to get information. I can have a discussion with a knowledgeable person. I don't feel Star Trek needs to be preachy, it just needs to be good. And good fiction is learned fiction, using all the tools and not talking down to an audience. Fun for me, is still intellectually stimulating. It needs to have a theme, symbolism.

I enjoyed the Greek gods episode because I'm an atheist and it gave me an alternative understanding of why the Greek gods died out. I thought it was imaginative, even if how they find the god is a little unorthodox. It's about the imagination of what we would find in deep space.

I don't like the violence of the last two films. A LOT of people died. All of vulcan. The heart of Starfleet. A man's head is crushed. Pike is shown being shot and dying. That's not fun for me, and, quite frankly, I can get that in other entertainment if I wanted it.

Did you start with '09?
I started watching TOS in 1975.
I started watching TNG in 1990, so I'm a little late to the party. But you still had to find something wrong with Original Star Trek to think it needed the re-boot treatment. And that was my point.
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