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Re: Nelson Mandela has died

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I'm sorry, but the man was a terrorist who, in his time as leader of the MK, orchestrated the bombing of civilian targets and executions without trial. Yes it was right for the ANC to fight Apartheid, but when you kill civilians you lose all legitimacy.
So since the British army killed civilians on Bloody Sunday and consequently denied it for 38 years. They have no legitimacy.
Nation states and governments, whatever their misdeeds, have more innate legitimacy than the criminal/terrorist/guerrilla movements who often lack sprawling court systems and often exacerbate the cycle of violence more than the occupying forces or power elites do (which is why they often eventually branch out and soften their strategy, like the ANC movement did when Nelson Mandela was released from decades of custody and did not make a call to arms).

Not to mention Bomber Harris
Whatever the real merits, that was total war against a powerful industrialised nation.

and all the misdeeds of the British Empire.
Oh please, fretting over the bad side-effects and misdeeds of the mostly defunct, much mutated British Empire is a futile exercise in unbaking a gigantic cake.
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