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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Wait, Vengeance has much, much more internal volume than the Enterprise-D does.

And back on the earlier topic, TNG's formula was stretched to it's absolute limit under the Berman administration (or whatever you want to call it)in the 18 years between TNG's start and the end of ENT. They got an awful lot out of it, but as we saw in ENT's first two seasons, they'd taken it as far as it could go. I don't want more stories in that style.

And going back even further, Wrath of Khan is about revenge. Into Darkness is about how far people will go to protect those they care about.
I disagree the formula is the problem, and I disagree that it was always formulaic. I believe that there was a lack of creativity with Enterprise and Voyager. They didn't develop characters beyond the original 5 or 6 episodes, and even then, it was hokey and contrived as if a 10-year-old was watching the show. A small example: Fight or Flight is a very interesting concept. Yet, the symbolism of "sluggo," is explained by the Doctor questioning Hoshi. I think someone who is a little bookish and not fully prepared for space travel, but loves languages, was a good starting point and a story that only Enterprise could tell. But the episode is rather blunt and lacks realism.

Kirk isn't thinking about protecting anyone. He is mad that Pike is dead and he wants to "take the bastard out." He doesn't care that he's violating his rights until Khan tells his story. He beats Khan until he collapses "in the name of Captain Pike." Not exactly about defending the world.

Further, Spock yells "KHHHHAAAAAAAANNN!" and proceeds to try and beat the living pulp out of him. Not because of what he has done to the Federation, but to make him pay for killing Kirk.

Only at the end of the movie, with Starfleet and the Enterprise re-built, does Kirk say "Oh, sorry. We shouldn't try to seek revenge."

Revenge is a theme in STID. Khan, Kirk, and Spock all have a grudge and they try to kill someone because of it.
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