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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Whoops, I neglected to compile a December schedule last week. Catching up:

FRI 12/6
6:00 PM: Forbidden Planet (1956)

SUN 12/8
2:00 PM: Scrooge ('70): The Albert Finney version of A Christmas Carol. It's got ghosts, so it's fantasy.

MON 12/9
6:15 PM: 13 Ghosts ('60): William Castle horror film.

SAT 12/14
6:45 AM: Forbidden Planet again

SUN 12/15
2:00 AM: Death by Invitation ('71): Reincarnated witch seeking revenge for being burned at the stake.
3:30 AM: Incubus ('65): Shatner! Esperanto!
10:00 AM: A Christmas Carol ('38): June Lockhart's screen debut, apparently.

TUE 12/17
7:00 AM: A Midsummer Night's Dream ('35)
11:30 AM: Hamlet ('69): Again, ghost = genre. Actually there's a Shakespeare-movie marathon all morning and afternoon, but these are the ones with fantasy aspects.

THU 12/19
3:45 AM: Finian's Rainbow ('68): Leprechaun musical.
8:00 PM: Scrooge ('70) again
10:00 PM: A Christmas Carol ('51): The Alistair Sim version.
11:30 PM: Scrooge ('35): Sir Seymour Hicks as Scrooge.

FRI 12/20
1:00 AM: A Christmas Carol ('38) again
2:15 AM: A Carol for Another Christmas ('64): Another showing of the Rod Serling anti-war remix of the Scrooge story.

SAT 12/21
2:00 AM: The Stepford Wives ('75)
1:30 PM: Doctor Dolittle ('67)
4:15 PM: The Mouse That Roared ('59): I guess this vaguely counts as political SF, plus its sequel involved a Moon landing. And William Hartnell is in it. Directed by genre stalwart Jack Arnold.
5:45 PM: Jaws ('75): Directed by some other guy you may have heard of.

MON 12/23
6:00 PM: Scrooge ('70) yet again

TUE 12/24
6:00 AM: Beyond Tomorrow ('40): Ghosty, Christmasy romance.
1:15 PM: A Christmas Carol ('38) yet again

SAT 12/28
6:00 PM: Jason and the Argonauts ('63): Harryhausen!

SUN 12/29
4:00 PM: The Incredible Mr. Limpet ('64): Don Knotts is a cartoon fish. Wasn't he always?
6:00 PM: Forbidden Planet again

MON 12/30
2:45 PM: Tom Thumb ('58): George Pal adaptation with Russ Tamblyn.

And just in case I forget again, there's a "Lost Worlds" marathon on January 1:

WED 1/1 - THU 1/2/14:
8:00 PM: Journey to the Center of the Earth ('59) With James Mason, Pat Boone, and iguanas impersonating dimetrodons.
10:15 PM: The Lost World ('60): Irwin Allen version with Michael Rennie, Jill St. John, and lizards impersonating dinosaurs.
Midnight: The Valley of Gwangi ('69): Finally, real dinosaurs! By which I mean Harryhausen-animated dinosaurs!
2:00 AM: She ('65): With Ursula Andress and Peter Cushing.
4:00 AM: The Lost Continent ('68): Misleadingly named Hammer film about Sargasso Sea castaways.
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