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The oddest landing party ever had to be McCoy, DeSalle and Jaeger in GOTHOS. Those three ending up retrieving Kirk AND Sulu. Only in the first year, I suspect, Spock would NOT have gone down right away to find Kirk.
Ah, remember Catspaw? With the Trinity, Scotty and Sulu down on the planet, you had the benchwarmers running the ship; DeSalle in command, with greenhorn Chekov trying to do Spock's job.
That second-year episode is the only live-action one where Uhura should clearly have been in command. I'll agree that DeSalle was promoted THEN for real-life societal reasons, but I don't believe for a moment he was fifth-in-command in THE SQUIRE OF GOTHOS. Has Nichelle Nichols ever commented about this?
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