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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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That still makes my point. She was an inspiration for the character, but she ISN'T the character.

Lots of people could be inspirations for the drawing of Wonder Woman as time moved on...
Lots, but not anyone. I am unsure of your point.
My point is: there is no picture of Wonder Woman. As in there is no absolute way she MUST look. It's in reply to all of these people saying "Gal doesn't look like Wonder Woman." And specifically a poster saying, she doesn't look like the picture of Wonder Woman.

Because there is no picture of Wonder Woman, like there's a picture of Lynda Carter or FDR or anyone else that ACTUALLY existed.

If it's that Gal fits within how Wonder Woman has been depicted over time, sure, she's not unlike Olive I'd say, but that Camryn Manheim does as well, well no, I wouldn't think so.
Yes, my point is that, broadly speaking, Gal fits in with how Wonder Woman has been drawn over time.

And Gal is also a real human being, whereas Wonder Woman isn't, and so doesn't have to be drawn in a realistic manner.

As far as actresses changing their look, take a gander at Linda Hamilton between T1 and T2.
I think you mistake me for a hater of this casting. I'm sure by the time the cameras roll, Gal will look just fine as Wonder Woman.

I'm much more concerned whether or not Snyder can actually create a 3 dimensional female character.
I think I mistook your point by not really doing more than glancing at the conversation with kirk5+.
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