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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

My feeling is that Colton's a completely different person when his defenses aren't up. When Colton was a child he was in a situation where he was the center of bullying all the time and I think that overdramatic hostility developed as a coping mechanism to prevent from being vulnerable. But I bet when he's with somebody he's really comfortable with he's not like that.

I think it's a good idea that voters have to draw rocks. Because that gives the voters extra incentive to avoid ties. That's why they invented the rock drawing system in the first place, because in the first three seasons ties went to most previous votes and it made it so players strove for ties instead of majorities. It makes the game better that players have that extra incentive to avoid ties. Playing for ties instead of majorities made the game less interesting. It's a very good thing that there hasn't been a tie since Paschal in season 4.

But I think the voted players should ALSO draw rocks. There should have been 5 rocks pulled there, not 3.

If Tyson were Russell he would have played the idol on Monica.
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