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^ So if it's an alternate timeline:

1) Why does Braxton, in "Relativity", remember it? Even if all existing Braxtons were temporally integrated, the Future's End homeless-Braxton would still have to exist in order for them to come and collect him. And if so, how alternate could that timeline be?
Because the writers of "Relativity" forgot that the Braxton at the end of "Future's End" had no memory of having gone back in time. It was a major continuity error, one of the many bad ideas in that episode.

I would conjecture, though, that the TIA officers were able to access that alternate timeline and retrieve its version of Braxton, which they "integrated" with the other version, giving him the memories of that timeline. It's a sloppy fix, but then, they're sloppy episodes.

2) Why does the EMH still have his holo-emitter?
The same reason the Tasha Yar from "Yesterday's Enterprise" was able to survive in the Prime timeline, or the slightly alternate Chief O'Brien still existed after "Visionary," or future Harry Kim's message survived at the end of "Timeless." If someone or something originating from an alternate timeline is removed from that timeline, it will usually survive the "erasure" of said timeline. The only exception I'm aware of (in TNG's "Time Squared") was when the objects that vanished had duplicates surviving in the primary timeline, in which case I assume they quantum-merged back with their other selves. If there's no duplicate counterpart, then the person or item can survive in the new timeline. (There's also Spock Prime and Nero in the Abramsverse, but that's different because the Prime timeline wasn't undone, but continued to coexist.)
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