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Re: Supernatural Season 9 (Spoilers)

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It's Gadriel, not Gadreel. You know, like Castiel, Uriel, Samadriel, Gabriel, or just about any other angelic name with a similar suffix.
I'm going with the caption, which spelled it as Gadreel.
Yup. Also, Entertainment Weekly, TV Online, and the A.V. Club spelled it "Gadreel" in their articles.

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Very good midseason finale. Poor Kevin. He did end up getting screwed, but can Dean do something to resurrect him, like what he did for Charlie when she was killed by the Wicked Witch?
That was Zeke -- er, Gadreel -- who brought Charlie back, so I don't think that's going to happen. (Unless maybe Gadreel feels remorseful enough to do so later, but I doubt it.)
Right, I'm aware of that. But I wasn't being literal about what Dean did. I know he doesn't have any super abilities, but I wonder if he'll ask Castiel or maybe Crowley to bring Kevin back to life.
Ahh. *nods* Okay, gotcha.
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