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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

Love the picture of Michonne and Daryl on the bike. The actress who plays Michonne has a great smile to her in that picture. In both picture Reedus does the "Blue Steel" look very well.

Of course I also feel like carol might be covering for Lizzy. Can't wait for the second half of the season!
I don't get why people think Lizzy was the one who killed Karen and David. We know she's got an odd view on the Walkers, but she's treated them more like pets or still "somewhat people" than anything else. It's a huge leap to go from that to savagely killing two innocent people and then burning their bodies. (Or just killing them, if we're to assume Carol is the one that burned them.)

I'm also sort of leaning on Bob being the one who was feeding the Walkers at the fence and did the science experiment Tyrese found at the beginning of this last episode.

But I think all Lizzie is "guilty" of is treating the Walkers like pets, I really doubt she was the one who killed Karen and David it's just a HUGE leap to get there from calling the Walkers by their name.
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