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2014 World Cup - So it Begins

So the groups have been set and now we can see who will be champions of the world in Brazil. What do you guys think will emerge from each group?

Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia

Group C: Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan

Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy

Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria

Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic

Certainly, American Soccer fans are probably cringing at the group we're in (already dubbed the "group of death"). Certainly, they need to win a revenge game against Ghana or else they're going to have lots of problems. Still, this should be a lot of fun.

Also, for what it's worth, the Soccer Power Index projects the chances of each team to advance. Whether or not you agree with these statistics, it's at least pretty to see. Interestingly, England is more favorably rated than Italy. Also, it rates Portugal only slightly higher than the United States in their chance to advance.
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