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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

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Like multiple F-bombs. The MPAA only allows one F-bomb if you want to keep your PG-13 rating.
I honestly could care less about the inclusion/exclusion of f-bombs for the Wolverine character (the only time the exclusion of f-bombs pissed me off was the Die Hard 4 PG-13 version, and that's only because McClane's catchphrase has an f-bomb in it).

What has always gotten me about the character of Wolverine is that he is literally a dude with claws, and he is literally a dude who uses his claws to maim/kill people. That works fine for comic books, but in live-action, you have to actually show that happening. Up until now, we've never seen him use his claws for the purpose of killing someone. Even in the first X-Men movie, we don't really see him stabbing Rogue.

So I think the unrated extended edition was a good choice.
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