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Re: ELEMENTARY - News, Reviews, and Discussion

I had mixed feelings about last night's episode. Let's see if I can articulate why, and I'm not sure that I can.

The thing that bothered me was how derivative this episode was of House. It seemed like we'd get this exact set-up on House at least once a season -- House would be an asshole, he'd screw up, a patient would get hurt, and he'd have to fast talk his way out of an admin hearing. In Elementary's early days I likened the series to "House with murders," and in my opinion it had moved on from that. So it was disappointing, at least to me, to see Elementary ape House so directly.

That said, I thought this particular take on that format was done well -- Jonny Lee Miller put on a very good performance as Holmes (tetchy, arrogant, and absolutely sure of himself), the case wasn't that obtrusive -- and I was surprised at the not-happy ending -- the judge recommends that Holmes be cut off from the NYPD, Bell rejects Holmes' overtures. I hope the series doesn't lose Bell, because I like Bell as a character a lot, and I also hope that this doesn't make Holmes' relationship with the NYPD more strained that it already is.

At the same time, perhaps this development helps the series make a break away from its NYPD-centric nature. The Canon Holmes didn't spend all of his time investigating murders at Scotland Yard's behest. I'd like to see this Holmes do more private consulting work. It is there, but I'd like to see it foregrounded more often.
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