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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

I finally got around to seeing it this afternoon, and I enjoyed it a lot! Not only does 'Frozen' have flawless animation, great songs, funny jokes, and cool action scenes, but most importantly, it has heart. I love the relationship and conflict between the two sisters at the core of the movie, both of them fully fleshed out and completely relateable characters, much more so than past Disney princesses.
I really didn't think I'd like 'Frozen' this much after not liking the character designs (I'm still not crazy about them, esp. the trolls) or the trailers (which are kind of misleading, tone-wise), but this is a classic Disney fairy tale musical, and one of the very best ones at that. Even the comic relief characters, who seemed insufferable in the trailers, are pretty great in the movie.
Highly recommended to anyone who has a soft spot for Disney animation!

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