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Re: Joel Revisits TOS....

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I thought Janice was OK in Miri. For some reason her crush on Kirk doesn't annoy me like Chapels on Spock. I'm thinking she's more realistic about it and maybe shes being more ironic than pathetic when she asks Kirk to look at her legs.
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Grace Lee Whitney was a very cool chick, back in the day! She made a nothing part like Janice Rand interesting to watch. Majel Barrett just didn't have the chops for that. Nurse Chapel was lame in almost every way, except that she served Bones adequately. I loved it when Spock tried to wing her with the bowl of soup she made for him ... like he'd truly had his fill of her needy shit. It happened early enough, too, in that episode, where it seemed very much like that was the case.
I can definitely agree that Rand came off 'less desperate' as Chapel. According to one scene in 'Balance of Terror,' and some dialogue in 'The Naked Time,' there was some interest Kirk had towards Rand. Spock never really seem to have any interest in Chapel.
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