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Re: The Curator.... Who is he? (SPOILERS for "The Day of the Doctor")

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I just got an idea I fancy very much.

What if BBC secretly shot some open-ended footage with Tom Baker intended to be randomly discovered around the 100th anniversary that could be fit in any multi-doctor story?

We know that the Curator could never appear again, because if he is a future or the last Doctor, it makes no sense to feature him in any story (well, it might make some sense for Trenzalore, but other than that...) Unfortunately by the time any story involving him makes sense, he'll sadly no longer be among us. So it basically can't happen. We won't ever know his character is up to.

Unless BBC prepare with some footage beforehand.

(Obviously, won't happen, but the thought gives me a pleasant sensation)
At the risk of making your head explode, that's about the most bloody brilliant idea I've heard today... In 50 years, about the only one who might be around is Smith... Maaaaybe Tennent... But both would be far too old to really participate... But capturing them now with some generic but plausible sequences that could be written around... Plus some one-off "Happy 100th" promo shots with all the Doctors still currently with us... Might be a bit morbid for some, but I think that would be awesome...
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