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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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HA! I like the second pic better. Oh yeah, Danai Gurai and Norman Reedus posing on the motorcycle together will get some folks worked up into a frenzy. You notice Reedus isn't the interested looking one in either photo.
Hey-- found this photo from the Cool Spoilers blog to complete the "love triangle" (or i guess dismissing the love of another shots)

Actually, I didn't find Daryl's reaction "stone cold." He was like, let's deal with this and "let's find out" what Tyrese will think. He didn't immediately believe Rick's words, either. Then the attack happened and the whole reaction process to what Rick had done was short circuited. Dammit. Though I suppose it's all about eventual payoff. I find it difficult to believe that Melissa McBride is gone for good. felt like they addressed because they knew they had to (remembering the complaints about waiting for Sophia), and we'll get something bigger next half
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