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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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God, I wish Star Trek would've just stayed dead. Star Trek Nemesis, the fourth season of Enterprise, the end. Fan Fiction and books after that. What they have done with these two movies makes me long for Rick Berman.
Honestly, that seems a tad melodramatic. If STAR TREK can survive "Turnabout Intruder," the fifth movie, and pretty much the entire first season of TNG, it can survive a reboot or two.

STAR TREK deserves better than to sit on a shelf, gathering dust like some sacred relic. And ending on NEMESIS? God forbid. Would you really prefer that Trek died not with a bang but a whimper . . . ?
It was. I came to the realization last night and I'm not a robot. Someone gave me an internet connection and I love Trek and hate these movies. For the emotional outburst in written form, I apologize.

I would argue Star Trek deserves to be creatively viable, and this fan is not happy if it's not doing that, more is not more, and therefore, I would rather it respect what has come before it and stay on a shelf. This fan does not feel that Star Trek is like every other fan boy series. Comics and James Bond it is not. It's been a mosaic of stories told, nothing re-told, and at its best, it gave us hope for the future. We could see adults reacting to situations we find today and how we would deal with that in the 24th century. Many people--Ira Steven Behr and JJ Abrams come to mind--called that campy and naive. Star Trek needs to open the story telling format and to not re-tread over the same material from previous incarnations. I have said that I don't want a "greatest hits." That's essentially what this movie was, and I suggest reading up-thread to see some of my reasons for why I feel that way.

There are ways of tackling international terrorism and our response to it other than making Starfleet the bad guy. The Maquis was the most underdeveloped idea on DS9, but the worst invention, in my opinion, was Section 31. I hated it in 1998, and I hate it now. Not necessarily because of the organization, but because the organization has been around since the first days of the Federation. If it were a reaction to the existential threats posed by the Borg and the Dominion, it would seem to me to be one more layer of the onion peeled away. The 24th century is too dangerous not to have the CIA of the Federation. It would open up debate about why they needed it, and make the idea a little more sound than an agent just appearing out of thin air and going into his mind to get a secret out of him.

They took something I despise and put it front-and-center as if it has always been a part of the Federation, people talk about it openly. Now, there are a few directions that they could take the next movie, like weeding out Section 31 altogether, passing legislation and new regulations against what happened in STID, but no one is going to want to sit through that. And their formula is to NEED the Vengeance and prove the Admiral right. So, I don't think I will see this one in the theater. I don't want them to tout in 20 years that this was commercially viable and it's not worth my time. That's just how I feel right now.
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