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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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Regardless of what the actress looks like (I think she'll put on some weight and she'll be fine), I am ridiculously excited about this. The Big Three are coming to the big screen and it makes me feel like a kid again. I think it's just possible that DC/WB are finally getting their shit together in the face of Marvel's overwhelming succes, and it's about time. I think it's smart of them not to follow Marvel's exact blueprint as well. They need to catch up, and getting their three biggest names into a movie posthaste seems like a good way to do it.

Anyone think it's possible they might be pulling a bait-and-switch here? Like maybe at the next Comicon they'll go "Oh, by the way, Green Lantern and Flash are in this movie, too and it's now called 'Justice League'"? Just speculation, but it does seem that this is a lot bigger than a Man Of Steel sequel.
Yeah as a huge fan of MOS, I have to admit my enthusiasm dipped quite a bit with the announcement of Affleck (not because I'm an Affleck hater, but just because he seemed far from the ideal choice), but now the idea of actually getting to see the Big Three on the big screen together is suddenly making me much more excited again.

Although it does still seem far too early to introduce even more superheroes to this world than those. I'd hate for the MOS sequel to be so packed with costumed heroes and supervillains that it ceases to feel like the grounded, down-to-earth world of the first movie and becomes just another insulated, Avengers-style comic book world. Where all the characters seemingly do is spend their time interacting or fighting with other superheroes.

I really hope that doesn't happen here. At least not until a proper JL film where that thing is kind of expected.
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