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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

TheSeeker wrote: View Post
I guess it all depends on which interpretation they will base her character on. The current continuity has her being the daughter of Zeus, so it's no mystery where she gets her strength.
yeah, she's either the daughter of a God or statue brought to life and given godlike powers. Her build is irrelevant to her strength.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Supposedly, according to some tellings of the story, her strength come from her magic girdle.

As long as she has that girdle, no matter how strong she appears to look, this character can still juggle firetrucks.

And really what does a woman with a "perfect figure" need with a girdle anyways?
Stealing Hippolyta's girdle was one of Heracles' labors. Girdle in that context is just a belt. Never heard of Wonder Woman's girdle as the source of her strength.
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