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I wish there was a way to do a Renegade game while being a punishing badass but without being a mincing sadist.

It's like, murder this bad guy in cold blood who helped the bad guys himself and deserves to die. +2 renegade.

Don't murder a lot of innocent villagers for no good reason, +32 paragon.

WTF? It should be lawful good vs chaotic good, not decent human being vs sadist mass murdering asshole.

I'm working on a trilogy playthrough now because I didn't carry data over the first time, with a custom Femshep trying to play the 'Renegade without being a sadist mass murderer' route. Still in ME1, but I saved Wrex this time.

Ever notice all the good romance options for Femsheps are either female or monstrous looking? I suppose Jacob is a viable human heterosexual male, but personality-wise, Garrus and Thane are the only ones I can imagine my Femshep liking.

And I agree. ME3 sure has it's flaws. Like, your decisions in previous games have way too little an effect, and characters who are dead are just replaced with equivalents who do basically the same thing. But it addicted me until I finished, and that's way harder than it used to be for me.

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