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What Name did Captain Janeway’s Friends and Family Call Her?

During most of the series we see Captain Janeway being referred to as “Captain” or “Captain Janeway.” The only exceptions that I can remember off the top of my head are when Q would call her Kathy and the few times that Chakotay called her Kathryn. What do you think her friends and family called her? I can’t remember what her fake-Admiral father from the episode Coda called her. I also can’t remember what fake Mark Johnson called her in the episode Persistence of Vision. Of course she was surely addressed by a first name basis by her on screen Voyager lovers: Kashyk (Counterpoint), Michael Sullivan (the hologram from Fair Haven and Spirit Folk), and Jaffen (Workforce Parts I and II). I can’t ever remember anyone calling her Kate, but perhaps I just forgot.

Btw, was my thread title grammatically correct / did it make sense? I couldn't figure out how to word the title! Haha!
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