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Re: My thoughts on DS9

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I don't think there's anything I don't love about TNG's interior designs. The engine room was the most kick ass room of all though IMO.

DS9's design hasn't really grown on me at all. I think the station outside is this hideous spider looking thing, and inside looks like some neon Tokyo/Blade Runner inspired sets. I let it slide because it's supposed to be "alien" (Cardassian design)
"Z" and Mike Okuda depended entirely too much on those damn LCARS!!! Drove me nuts how every computer, no matter what planet you're on, what ship you visit or house you're in, everything uses it - enough with the LCARS!!! And Deep Space Nine the station itself - is, surprisingly, not very well executed. It looks like a model kit from a hobby shop. It's not an interesting visual to me, at all. It's almost as hateful as that bulbous top they call Space Dock, starting with Search for Spock.

Herman Zimmerman is not untalented or unlikable. He's just not a visionary, as far as Interior Designers go. He lucked out having one cool idea that solved one show's design problem and would not stray from it - it got BORING!!!
Can't say I agree with any of this. I thought the design of DS9 was beautiful and dark. A perfect fit for the show. I also loved the interiors. The only thing I didn't care for was the computer display design. And I absolutely love Spacedock. My first reaction when I saw it in TSFS was "wow!"

I do agree with your later post that the Enterprise D looks better and is more memorable and unique than the over-designed E.
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