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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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From Think Mcfly Think:

Well we have also learned from a trusted source in Hollywoodland (the same one who first alerted us to Batman Vs. Superman getting quietly developed, David Goyer back on writing duties for the next Superman film and the Gotham Central-inspired series) the studio has been testing for Lex Luthor. No, it's not Bryan Cranston. Or Mark Strong. Or any other bald, Caucasian character-actor. Instead it appears they are testing African-American actors to portray the billionaire arch-nemesis of Kal-El.

Denzel Washington was their hope of hopes but nothing ever materialized and before you even ask, yes Idris Elba was on "the list" as impossible as that would have been given his current status as Hemdall in Marvel's THOR films. One actor approached is someone fans of Arrow would know as John Diggle, Oliver Queen's bodyguard/pal, actor David Ramsey which, if that were true, would put a kink in theories that Arrow would be tied into DC's Cinematic Universe.

This does not mean Luthor will definitely be played by an African American.
My vote would be......

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