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The air on the bridge is heavy with smoke, which every few second glows red from the alert klaxons. Security and Marines are busy fighting four intruders known as Spectres--a sub-species of the Meskars. The dead and blood litter the corridors and most are afraid that they may never even see death coming. The Intervision has taken moderate damage during their first encounter with the Mesakr vessel, which has pursued the Intervision into a nebula.

Who are you? Are you an engineer assigned to conduct repairs? A security officer or marine working together to fight off the Spectres? Are you a science office, working to help come up with a defense to the Meskars weapons and defenses? Maybe you're a Marine Fighter Pilot on alert status, ready to launch at a moment's notice.

We are currently looking for:

* Chief Science Officer
* Marine CO
* Marine Fighter Wing CO
* Head Counselor

We are also in need of ALL Assistant Positions!

If you feel that you want to join a serious simm with serious players, then I invite you to join the USS Intervision! Join the Cause! and fill out the Join Application.
Jennifer McTaggert
Commanding Officer
USS Intervision
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