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Re: My thoughts on DS9

I didn't like Kira when I watched it when I was younger but later when I rewatched the show and just saw fiction differently she became my favorite character.

I agree Bajoran episodes tend to be dull, but that's mostly because all the Bajoran males are terrible, not because of Kira. I thought Progress was a good episode. A lot of the early Kira episodes were about her healing herself from the trench mentality of fighting in the Occupation, and I think that's one of the stronger periods of her character.

I didn't have any problem with later seasons having episodes that weren't in the war arc, but the thing about those episodes is that they're really badly written. You have the cartoony Take Me Out To The Holosuite and Bada-Bing, then you have Ezri helm a bad CSI episode. Also most of the non-war S7 episodes were about the crew's weird fetishization of 1940's lounge music.

I think TNG season 6 is way better than the early DS9 seasons, but it's true S7 had way too many stinkers.
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