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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What I find most interesting is the fact that Ron Jones is the only TNG composer to actually use the Goldsmith theme within the episode. McCarthy never did that (there is the saucer seperation sequence, but that was tracked music from the end credits. I think it's too bad Jeff Bond never asked McCarthy or Chattaway why they didn't use the Goldsmith theme during episodes.
McCarthy did express his fear of not wanting to repeat anything, so maybe that was part of the reason. He or the producers did not want any music to sound tracked, so he consciously created scores from scratch and rarely reused something he created before. But ironic since the very first episode has the tracked Goldsmith music.
Except McCarthy was allowed to reuse the Courage fanfare throughout the whole series, so maybe the producers only allowed that theme and the Goldsmith one to be used. But for whatever reason it was only Jones who used Goldsmith's.

If I recollect, there was no mention of the guest composers like the veteran Fred Steiner (a very nice TOS-like score) or John Debney.
Given how candid they were about the producers being hard on composers, I'm surprised they didn't mention Steiner's role, which was not just a guest composer. Originally, there were to be three composers set for TNG: McCarthy, Jones and Steiner. However, the producers hated Steiner's score for "Code of Honor", likely because it sounded too "old fashioned" like TOS, so they decided to just work with McCarthy and Jones.

The other two guest composers besides John Debney are George Romanis and Don Davis. I think that's all, unless I forgot someone else.
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