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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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^Almost every argument used to defend the Baku is speculation, especially the reapeated claims that they "own" the planet. The movie makes NO SUCH CLAIM.
Considering you haven't provided any evidence that someone else owned the planet and gave it to the federation (and no the whole well somebody must have is crap pulled out of an ass until you have proof) then unless the federation colonized it (which they didn't) or the Ba'ku join the federation (which they didn't) the federation doesn't own the planet.

Also I find it funny that the Ba'ku are being held to a standard the federation never had to before when they set up colonies.

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I wonder how many of the Starfleet personnel observing knew what was going on? The Holoship was a Starfleet ship so some of them must have known what was going to happen even if Data didnt.
Well according to the script for the film I found online it sounded like only Dougherty knew what they were actually doing, which pretty much adds to how shady this thing looks.
The holoship could be a bit of standard long-term observation kit. You've got the duck blinded, and then holoship for sims or other research.
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