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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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like when everyone kept buying Red Rings of Death machines... enjoy, I'll pass.
Hey, I only bought 2!

I'm a PC and console gamer, but consoles are just easier. My PC has had two HDDs crap out on it. My graphics card encountered a weird bug where it randomly stopped working with my monitor. My replacement graphics card had a persistent bug for years where it would cut out for a second every couple of minutes, something I only managed to fix by underclocking it just slightly. My DVD drive no longer works, but I haven't bothered to replace it as I don't use DVDs much any more. My monitor just stopped working one day and needed replacement. I had to pay to upgrade my OS to Windows 7, then reinstall from scratch. Earlier this year, my CPU began to overheat and I had to clean out the heat sink and apply new thermal compound. I also can't be sure that the latest games will run on my PC and I sometimes resort to pirating them to check before purchasing.

But when I buy a console game there's very little hassle, I put in the disc and it works. There's no system requirements to check, there's no messing around in graphics settings, there's no compatibility issues with controller support. The games don't look as good and there's less variety, but sometimes that's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

I love my PC, it's the only platform on which to play proper strategy and simulation games, and it's home to a lot of unique indie games that just wouldn't be made for consoles. I don't foresee myself ever not being a PC gamer. But I'm also a console gamer, and I don't foresee myself giving that up either.
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