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This thread actually inspired me to load up the game again and I'm surprised at how active multiplayer still is (on PC at least.) I expected it to be a bit of a ghost town by now.

A real testament to the combat system which IMO was as much of an improvement over ME2 as that was over ME1. The difference being that ME2 was a total overhaul while ME3 refined it to near perfection. I say "near" because the whole spacebar thing. I understand controls have to require less buttons on consoles, but there's just no excuse for it on PC!

Also reminded at how much the powersets were improved. A sort of reversion to ME1's more RPG style with more passives and a whole bunch of alternative build possibilities. And no, I don't care what the die hard RPG'ers say, the game did *not* need an inventory system. It made no sense in ME1 and they were right to ditch it and even more right to not bring it back in ME3. My only gripe was the aesthetics of having the SMGs holstered in the same place as the pistol. I know it'd require more animation work but it should have been on the right thigh or something. Also, would have been nice to customize the weapons like you could the armours. As in change the colour and patterns yourself rather than have the mods randomly change the look.

Now back to the single player to avenge Thane!
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