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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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We know from The Augment trilogy that the Briar Patch belonged to the Klingons two hundred years prior so they may have had a claim on it long before that.
Actually from the Augment trilogy it sounds like the Klingons either had only recently moved in to the area (which was a century after the Ba'ku moved to the planet) or were just not interested in it (The Briar Patch is a crappy piece of real-estate) as it was said that they hadn't mapped the region at that point.

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I wonder how many of the Starfleet personnel observing knew what was going on? The Holoship was a Starfleet ship so some of them must have known what was going to happen even if Data didnt.
Well according to the script for the film I found online it sounded like only Dougherty knew what they were actually doing, which pretty much adds to how shady this thing looks.
Sorry I've asked this before but if Dougherty was doing something dodgy why would he get Data involved.
Considering Data didn't know what was going on and was shot to keep it secret and if Picard had had to kill him Dougherty probably wouldn't have come forward with what was going on at all thats not exactly a good argument to make for this being on the up and up

Especially since at the time it looked like they were just doing another one of their covert observations of a pre-warp planet.
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