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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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As it happens, 30 pounds of muscle is just what Christopher Reeve put on when he was cast as Superman. It worked pretty well for him.
And if that's what this woman does, then it might work out.

So now it comes out. "She's too skinny" is really just a euphemism for "Her boobs aren't big enough." I wondered if that might be what was really going on here.
Well, I wouldn't say that's what I was necessarily arguing but along those lines I'd "sort of" agree she just doesn't have WW's figure. In all of the pre-planning of Wonder Woman weren't many actresses looked over because it wasn't felt their physical size fit with WW's physique? Most depictions have Wonder Woman as a pretty built woman with, yes, curves.

I'm not say Gal doesn't have curves or isn't attractive. She does and is. She just, right now, doesn't have Wonder Woman's curves and physique.

When people were saying that the actress who plays Sif in the Thor movies should be WW there's a reason. She LOOKS like Wonder Woman because she's got some mass on her.

This could all still work out, Gadot, Affleck, having at least three superheroes in the same movie but, right now, ugh... It's looking like a half-assed JL movie.

Maybe someday Wonder Woman will get a her own movie, along with other JL/DC characters and we'll get a decent build up to a JL movie but, right now.... Ugh. Even setting aside the casting I don't think WB is doing this right. I remain guarded and mostly unexcited about this project.

Again, could be surprised and willing to give Affleck and Gadot the benefit of the doubt here but Affleck just on his Affleck-iness and Gadot (superficially on her physique right now) doesn't leave me too hopeful.
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