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Re: Technological Stagnation

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That's not "central control," that's still a car (computer) making decisions based on the information available. The kind of central control being discussed is one in which every vehicle's speed and movement is regulated by an outside source. That just doesn't make much sense because it doesn't offer any significant advantages to contemporary driving parameters.
But lets say in morning traffic we have 5,000 people all going to around the same area about the same time. In theory using a centralized routing system some of the cars would take route X whereas another gorup of the cars would take route Y to maximize road efficiency and reduce travel times.

Some type of centralized coordination would have to occur to make this happen?
Humans are notoriously poor at centrally planning those kinds of systems. Computer science tells us that a self-organizing network of independent agents (that is, individual cars that are aware of their surroundings and even traffic data but not under central control) will often solve routing problems far more efficiently than a central system could.

The Internet provides plenty of real-world relevance here. Routing is decentralized and yet quite efficient and effective.
The internet kind of argues against your point that humans can't do centralization. There are only 13 DNS root servers in the world (called the backbone of the internet)! We don't think about them most of the time because (they're not sexy) and they usually just work. This is a centralized-yet-redundant system. I think you're visualizing "centralized" as a single server somewhere with no backups, when in reality, noone would build it that way.
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