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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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To be fair, Christian Bale also looked pretty frail and weak when he was cast as Batman...

There's no reason why she couldn't put on some muscle for the role. Male superhero actors do it all the time.
Demi Moore and Linda Hamilton are two actresses who spring to mind.
In Bale's case, he lost a ton of weight for that role, so, losing the weight was probably tougher than putting it back on. A closer analogy would probably be Chris Hemsworth putting on the bulk for Thor
I just meant in the sense that it is not unheard of for female actors to change their physique for a role.

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Adding 15 kilos of muscle does not add "curves" to a woman. And again, which was my point, Wonder Woman is not and has almost never portrayed as a muscular female bodybuilder. I expect her to look fit and slightly athletic, just like she does in the comics.

I beg to differ. Weight training can add some very appealing curves to a woman, particularly in the glutes area. Weight training and putting muscle on does not automatically equal a bodybuilders physique.
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