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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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You completely ignore that the Son'a wanted to completely destroy the planet. The children surely don't have the right to burn the home of the parents down, even if it sat on a gold mine.
So will the 300-year old 'children' (Sona) ever have any rights to the planet?

Actually I think they have the same rights. If the Baku have more rights because they managed to banish their children (another group of settlers) from the planet should the Federation become involved in an internal skirmish one way or the other.
You can say Picard was rectifying the situation but he really gave the Baku the upper hand. It seems like because they were pretty.
"You've brought the Federation into a blood feud, Admiral." Picard didn't do that--the Federation did it. He tries to help, but how many Ba'ku end up captured? How close does he come to dying himself?

They may have a similar claim to the planet, but they don't have a similar claim to the colony. And all of this is semantics, forgetting, that without Data going crazy, the Federation would've killed 600 people to get these rings...or they were "exiled to DIE SLOWLY!"
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